One Human Family is a film about world`s hunger problem, from a young and different perspective.
It tries to show up our tragedic situation on earth with our ambitious and selfish behaviours and looks for a solution for whole human family.

The story was bigger than the film so for the visual concept i wanted to be simple but as strong as possible with limits and advantages to keep the message always on top and focused on. While trying to keep a strict concept we also kept our independency in designs and storytelling.

Beside all, this project is a result of a teamwork.
​This film wouldn`t be significant without never ending trust and support of Lukas Skalnik, very ​talented artists of Eallin Motion Arts​, ​creative musicians of Bang Europe​ and Laura Shaenan from Caritas Italy.
We all "shared" our skills to make this work useful for people, hope you enjoy.

Director / Denizcan Yuzgul
Executive Producer / Lukas Skalnik
Story Development / Laura Sheahen, Denizcan Yuzgul
Character Design & Textures / Martin Hanschild 
Script Doctor / Pavel Hrubos 
Screenplay & Concept / Denizcan Yuzgul
CGI Look Concept Artist / Libor Batek
Nuke Artist / Jan Vareka
3D Animation / Pavel Hrubos, Renata Stranska, Gabi Popov, Severin Baschung
Head of CGI / Murphy Licko
Particle Simulations / Jiri Linhart
3D CGI Team / Josef Kasal, David Dvorak, Stepan Koncelik, Jan Zavadil
Colour Grading / Michal Sverma
Production Manager / Lukas Karvanek
Music and Sound Design / Bang Worldwide - Brad Stratton, Steve Walsh, Vilem Beres
Children Choir / Marketa Tosovska
Vocals / Lenka Dusilova
Producers / Eallin Motion Art - Lukas Skalnik, Martin Hovorka / Bang Worldwide - Brad Stratton / Caritas - Laura Sheahen
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