Jezinka (plural Jezinky) - wild women,wood dryads, forest demons. They can put people to sleep and gouge their eyes, and also kidnap children to feed them and eat them
Ježibaba - a supernatural being, forest witch, she lures kids on sweets just to catch them and eat them. She is closely related to Baba Yaga in Eastern European folklore /Ježibaba is used in Czech lands and Slovakia /
Vodník - Water goblin. 
Hejkal(Hýkal, Hejkadlo). Hejkal is Czech forest demon and his name is derived from the frightening call he makes. But remember, never answer his calling, or he tears you apart. 
Bludičky ( will o' the wisps). 
Polednice- The Noonday Witch
Polednice- The Noonday Witch
Klekánice. Her name is derived from the evening church bell ringing- Klekání. And every child should be at home at that time,otherwise she could kidnap them. 
Otesánek - Otesánek si Czech fairy tale created by Karel Jaromír Erben in the 19th century which tells the story of a fearsome and constantly hungry, living log of wood
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